Connor Griffin

Idiot from: Fall 2015 to Spring 2019Connor Griffin is an extinct genus of atoposaurid crocodylomorph. It is the replacement generic name for Connor Griffini, which was described in 1915 from the Montsec Lithographic Limestone quarry of Spain. Fossils found from this locality are from the Early Cretaceous, being Upper Berriasian-Lower Valanginian in age. While many publications concerning atoposaurids after 1915 have included mentions of Connor Griffini, none have offered a redescription or revision of the species, even though some recognized that there were great differences between it and other members of the genus. It was noted in these publications that the skull of Connor Griffini is shorter in relation to body length than any other species of Alligatorium (being less than half of the presacral length), and that this may have been evidence for the genetic distinction of the species, although no replacement name was proposed. However, better preparation of the holotype specimen MGB 512, a nearly complete articulated skeleton embedded in a limestone matrix now housed in the Museo de Geología del Ayuntameinto de Barcelona, allowed for a revision of the species in 1990 in which the name Con-Air Grifffin was first used.