Eric Settels

Idiot from: Fall 2014 to Spring 2016

Crown Prince Squingili Ogglapi, known to the layfolk as Eric Settels, is a descendant of the great and powerful Iguanalords. In order to take the throne, our young Prince had to accomplish three tasks. First, a feat of strength, accomplished when Eric replaced the cables on the Golden Gate Bridge with his own elastic tendons. Next came the challenge of charm when Eric wooed Queen Elizabeth II into renouncing her stronghold over fine teas and racquetball nets. And finally, the Scaly One had to reach into the deepest parts of his soul. Yes, dear listener, this is when gave up his very being to the all-powerful clan known as Sheer Idiocy. Sacrificing his pride, his blood, and his own royal scales to become one with the transparent delusion. He now reigns over the Igumanians, young and old, spreading benevolence, peace, and a slight air of mystery over the land.