Erik Nelson

Idiot from: Fall 2004 to Spring 2006

If only someone could really get to know Erik, then this bio would be so much easier….wait here comes someone now! YOU SIR!

-who me?

yes you, what do you know of Erik Nelson?

-haha what a loser

Hmm….i don’t think he knows Erik that well, lets find someone else, excuse me miss, what do you know of Erik Nelson?

-Well I do know that he killed three space aliens with just a pocket knife

That’s amazing how did you come by this amazing story?


Miss…are you ok?

-I’m… I’m… ::starts to cry::… I’m the daughter of one of the space aliens ::cries a lot:: Zeap o loopen ja foutzes ::flies off::

Uhhh… excuse me sir what do you know of Erik Nelson?

-Why that’s easy! I’m Erik Nelson and I am a Junior aero/mech engineering student from Houston, Texas who is also in the fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta as well as the RPI Players and last but not least Sheer idiocy.

Alright sir, we came to you in a professional manor and asked you a simple, polite question and you refused us. We didn’t need any lip from you, Frank take care of him…::the man is shot from a roof top near by::

-GAH AHHHHH ::Death::

…next person! Excuse me mister do you know anything about Erik Nelson?

-heh… if I had a nickel for every time someone asked me that.