Fiona Kine

Idiot from: Fall 2012 to Spring 2016

Being born to a pair of circus clowns, it was apparent that Fiona had the gift of "ha." Unfortunately, the parents were not able to support Fiona due to their work life of traveling from circus to circus; eating only cotton candy and peanuts. After being left on the steps, nestled in a large clown shoe with a deposit slip for 1 baby, Fiona had a new home at the National Bank of Gold on other Precious Metals. Fiona grew up and went to the highly elite Young Children's Accounting Elementary and Middle school. Fiona calculated her way through school, but felt as though she was missing something in her being. It was when she turned 15 that she had a dream. In the dream she was wondering around a large open field, and in the distance found a large red tent. As she approached the tent, there were people everywhere, laughing, smiling, and enjoying the show. She then saw part of the performance and the ring leader had a mask of a very peculiar face. Fiona awoke, and explained her dream to her banker parents. The bankers unlocked a vault to reveal the shoe which she was delivered in, and her origins were explained. From that day on, Fiona decided to discover her funny side and was determined to find her parents. Her quest took her into the mountains of Upstate New York where she found a poster with the peculiar face she had seen in her dream, it read "Sheer Idiocy Show Tonight!" She had to get answers...she had to go to the show! It was at the show that she decided to join an improv group, in order to hone her gift of humor. Fiona is still on the quest for her clown parents, but until then, the improv group she has joined is considered family.