Isabel Johnson

Idiot from: Fall 2011 to Spring 2016

The exact date of the cataclysmic meteor strike that sparked the life of one Isabel "Raptor Heart" Johnson and ended the lives of the dinosaurs is unknown, but archaeologists do know that the baby pulled from the stinking entrails of a Tyrannosaurus Rex is a fantastic example of just how far the human spirit will go in the quest for enlightenment. Prior to her enrollment at RPI, Isabel made a name for herself as the most multi-talented dinosaur the world had ever seen. Indeed, Isabel's list of past achievements once resided in the library at Alexandria, but was lost in a freak ultimate Frisbee accident many years ago. Pursued by an evil dictator only known as Shorjack , Isabel spent most of the last century hidden in the Atlantean stronghold of Minnetonka, MI. Isabel continues her quest for knowledge. We fear for the day when she has nothing more to learn.