Jeff Kimball

Idiot from: Fall 1997 to Spring 2003

jeff kimball is too old to be here, but he shan't let that stop him. nor the savage beatings. jeff kimball plays piano and guitar and mandolin and what-have-you, and also sings. jeff kimball teaches math. jeff kimball paints chairs odd colors. jeff kimball has lots of plants in his house, and also over 200 little rubber bouncy balls. jeff kimball is an okay guy, once you get to know him. jeff kimball's hair doesn't always stay the same color for long. jeff kimball likes kids, except when they sneeze in his face or pour yogurt on him. jeff kimball is still, after 5 years, unable to get over his fear of capital letters. jeff kimball can't paint very well. despite it all, jeff kimball is really kind of enjoying this whole "life" thing, yes he is.

jeff kimball is.