Joey Faust

Idiot from: Fall 2000 to Spring 2005

Joey would love for you to remember him as the guy who directed the troupe for two very fine years, or as the guy who sang "Comfort Eagle" with the Rensselyrics at the first Improvcappella, or as Guava Man, the friendly island native, or for that hat, or as the guy who always used pull-down charts, or as the guy with the time-travel bio, or for guessing "enchanted," or as the guy who dressed up like a cowboy for the Halloween show, or for that "chicken walks into a bar" joke, or as one of the guys who got a pie in the face at his last show, or even as "the guy with the glasses."

But he knows that you will remember him as the guy who bleached his hair that one time.

And he's okay with that.