Kara Chesal

Idiot from: Spring 2006 to Spring 2009

Way back when, there was once was a little girl who loved to dance and sing. She would do anything to be on stage, to have her voice be heard by all who paid the admission fee. This girl was named Kara.

One day, the shy little girl left her homeland of Florida in pursuit of a rite of passage, a ritual called college. The weather was bad, the tests were hard, and there was a smelly kid that lived down the hall, but still she push forward. As things became rougher and tougher, Kara was about to give up when she ran into a man. She thought that this man was an idiot...and she was right. The man introduced her to his other idiot friends and then in the spring of 2006, she too became an idiot.

Three years past, and all was well. The birds were chirping and the idiots were performing, when suddenly, the Land of RPI cried out for help. “HELP!” the people exclaimed, “We need a fearless leader!” Kara knew that this was her calling. The Idiots had taught her well and it was time for her to show everyone what she was made of. She drew her sword and slashed down her competition one by one, spilling their blood all over the DCC. She drank the blood and laughed with great joy for in the Spring of 2008, Kara had become the Grand Marshal of the Land of RPI. The land was at peace once again. The people slept well that night, and every night after knowing that they were in the loving arms of Kara Chesal.