Kienan Knight-Boehm

Idiot from: Fall 2013 to Spring 2017


Kin of the North Atlantic Faefolk

Injected liquid internet into his bones to achieve the ultimate WiFi.

Endorsed and hated by the Kiss a Ginger campaign

Nothing deters him from living his daddy issues on his sleeves.

Anger of the reddest find.

Nightmarish powers he may evoke

Knowing his secrets but is too proud to lie

Needs no substance, he chooses to abstain

Intelligent beyond what anyone would perceive

Games of word he is nigh disinclined

Handsome somehow, more than the next bloke

There is no way one could deny

Bottles of hair product has been used in vain

Open is his heart like boxes on Christmas Eve

Even if he will see to the end of mankind

Hands full of misplaced, off timed awkward jokes

Moral and joyous is what he lives by