Mark Dube

Idiot from: Fall 2007 to current

There's one word that can describe Mark Dube: hero.

When Mark started his improv career on the streets of Boston, mainly miming for substances and simple gratifications, he never took his eye off the prize. One day he'd seen a poster flying in the wind, this poster had made a long and dangerous journey from the heart of RPI's campus in Troy, NY. "Destiny!" Mark's heart cried out with hunger and glee when his eyes met the page for the first time. From that point on Mark dedicated his life to training for Sheer Idiocy for he'd seen his true self in the idiot head on that poster in the wind. He traveled to the far reaches of Southie, McDonalds, and even Canada to discover the most ancient ways of the fabled "idiot".

One fateful day whilst riding his rusty moped back from an encounter with two sher pas and the yeti, Mark pulled off Rt. 787 to meditate on his most recent training. He closed his eyes and found himself carried, kicked, and tickled swiftly across avenues and boulevards and onto a stage where when he opened his eyes he was surrounded by figures who bore the symbol of the idiot. Mark Dube's first chapter of Idiocy had closed, only to open the door to opportunity. As he stood in the face of imminent glory the look on Mark's face said "Yes? And?"