Matt Duggan

Idiot from: Fall 1999 to Spring 2003

Excerpt from Thomas Anderson's doctoral thesis on the philosophy of being:

...Matt Duggan first emerged into reality about eighteen years ago and still is the forefront expert on defying it. Before he chose to emerge into your perspective he existed chiefly in a world of his own design, which he returns to at times. Matt has a much more heightened sense of things; it has been best put as "he doesn't need to attach to a medium to understand things, just as everyone attaches to reality". His favorite past time is destroying the false conceptions people hold as true and constant. His first endeavor in this field was in his high school geometry class where he, almost inadvertently, changed the value of Pi to 7.61. Years later in his calculus class he actually threw off everything when, by concentrating hard, he made 1+1=3 for a split second, and still, later in that day, he went on to reverse the speed of light during his physics lecture. His latest achievement has been to stop himself from aging at the tender age of eighteen, which would make his next achievement to graduate college still a teenager.

He has been searching for and training prospective members of his new order, which will surpass this world to the next era of being. His first and by far most highly adept student, and also his best friend has helped him discover much more than he ever knew and together they have heightened their perception by leaps and bounds. Now he seeks more to train. He has found two more who he now is studying to see if they are ready for what he has to show, to add to his group of six and rising. All this will come to be someday, but for now he's just having fun...