Metro Metrocavich

Idiot from: Fall 2015 to Current

Once upon a time there was a transportation device that happy people have fond this transportation device of the biggest being that he would like to carry people and because of this beautiful love was his greatest most deepest dream something perhaps seems to have become a subway line to provide a tube of sorts, so he tried his whole life to this he was given the most recent change transport operations and partook in all forms of transport classes that he could register for possibly in the hope that one day he could earn the title of 'Head underground "one day his dreams were finally he managed to the highest of the transport heads contact and say,' I want the best carrier are there once and they said 'sure', but they do not really understand what he meant they did not make him the most wonderful transporter ever no no she contacted the physical division of life and said that "we need a body," and they went 'what' and the operators said that " subway child ", so they found this family that were consistently associated with metro-est people and took spunk and soul of our little transport device and put it in the body of the newest member of the metro-est family. He was and is still being copied Metro.