Mike DiSano

Idiot from: Spring 2005 to Spring 2008

There was a time, once many, many years ago, in a place very, very far away from here, where The Mike was born. And not just any Mike, for this was The Mike DiSano. Now, sure, there had been Mikes before this, and there will probably be Mikes after this. But He was The Mike!

I mean how many Mikes do know that have brown hair!? A bunch, huh? Well how many Mikes do you know that have all ten fingers and ten toes!? Really? All of them? Ok, I got you here. How many Mikes do you know that can perform improv for the greatest improv comedy troupe of all time, Sheer Idiocy!?! Really, there's more than one? Seriously? I thought I had you on that one for sure. Well, that sucks. I mean, that sounds like it would get confusing. I mean, how would you tell them apart? How would he know when you were talking to him, when you yelled "MIKE!" in a crowded performance, screaming his name like an adoring fan while he was on stage? How would he know all the bags of fan mail that get dropped off everyday at the Union, were for him? How would he know when it was ok to break off from the group to start a more successful solo career, purely to make more money and get all the ladies?

Well, scores of adoring fans who are reading this and looking longingly at the picture to the right. You shall be confused no more! For the legend of the The Mike will be known throughout the land soon, enough.

Stay tuned.