Nick Sosin

Idiot from: Spring 2008 to Spring 2011

Here for limited engagement, performing until May 2011 is Nick Sosin. Awkward and shy, you will have little luck engaging him in conversation. He can't do anything cool like beatbox or dance and you will certainly never see him singing. In fact, the rest of the Idiots aren't sure how he ever got into the troupe. Claims to fame include being on RPI's Visiting Faculty Staff and member of Well-Known-Persons Anonymous.

He regularly interjects Improv into daily life, telling Freshman he lives just down the hall from them and shares their major. (Improvised Friendships) Should you catch him with a pair of speakers nearby he will eventually find some way of pumping some music through them and starting a dance party. (Improvised Clubbing) Don't be alarmed if he passes you and doesn't say hi. (Improvised Ignoring) Or if he stops in the middle of a sente