Rebecca Nguyen

Idiot from: Fall 2014 to Spring 2018

Many speak of the terror that was the Jersey Devil—this bipedal swooping bird-deer creature had dominated the bleak hope destroying land of Jersey. That was until an intrepid wizard battled the beast and cursed the beast, transmogrifying the beast into a human form who would feed on the laughter of humans rather than howls of terror.

From that moment on Rebecca Nguyen was born—initially she had a rough time adjusting to polite society—it turns out a blood curdling screech is not an acceptable form of payment for a burrito. It was also hard for her to understand that killing pigeons in public parks was not an acceptable way to obtain lunch. Through tireless effort she was able to eventually assimilate (mostly) into the modern world. Though she could not be truly content without feasting upon the laughs of the innocent.

To further her assimilation she enrolled in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute—she quickly accepted it as her home. She found many clubs on campus helpful—she played rugby to fulfill her need to injure human beings—but most importantly she heard of Sheer Idiocy and she knew that she could hone her humor skills in hopes that one day she would feast on enough laughs to break the curse and go back to terrorizing the world as a bird-horse-deer demon.