Rob Headley

Idiot from: Fall 2002 to Spring 2006

What can be said of life here as we know it? One thing is for sure, Rob sure doesn't know. He doesn't even know his major yet, that's pretty much why he's an Idiot now. Well, that and the really cool hair. Lost one night, Rob found himself stranded and wandering around the Union looking for a slice of strawberry cheesecake and some sugar-free Trident©™ chewing gum. Quite accidentally, he walked in on the secret meeting of the Idiots. While he was truly scared for his life, he found their quirky natures and mating rituals too interesting to walk out on, so he stayed. And he now he has become one of them but this has not changed the fact that Rob is an Idiot.

Some different words that can describe Rob:

Some people like to leave the "er" out of his ever popular stage name of "Butter" and just call him "Butt," but he doesn't appreciate this considering you have one too.