Sean Bender

Idiot from: Fall 2005 to Spring 2009

Fifty years ago in the beaches of south India an amazing discovery was made, the remains of a completely new type of human-being. Scientists call it the homo sciomnes or "man who knows all". Scientists call the specimen Sean Bender, and through the miracle of cloning brought this incredibly handsome creature back to life. Now he roams the earth attempting to control the murderous beast within...duh duh du-du-du-duuuuuunnnnnn......just kidding.

Actually Sean Bender was released back into the wilds of Connecticut where he gained a certain amount of local acclaim and now attends RPI where he spreads the gift of laughter and industrial strength suction-cups. What will become of this animal and what does it have left to teach us? What does it need? What is it looking for? What is the capitol of North Dakota? Where are my socks? What is a henway? What is does it ne...wait said that is he really? Yeah that sounds good...who is Sean Bender really? Only time can and will tell......allegedly.