Stef Noble

Idiot from: Fall 1997 to Spring 2001

Upon graduation from RPI, Stef moved into the backwoods, grew a beard, and became a grizzly mountain man. The daguerreotype on the left is the only known picture of Stef from that time. She only ventured into town every few months to trade pelts. It was whispered about town that she housed squirrels in her overalls and survived only on chipmunk jerky and mash whiskey. She also perfected the phrases "dern tootin!" and "I'm fixin' te git me a new fiddle!" during her time as a mountain man.

After a while though, Mountain Man Stef began to feel that she was not living as her "authentic self" as Dr. Phil would call it. So she shaved her beard off and rejoined humanity. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW??? NO NEW FIDDLES FOR ANYONE! Occasionally, she holds jade plants to her face to relive the good old days of mountain man living.

Stef's vast web empire can be found here: