Tiff Pinard-Westendorf

Idiot from: Fall 1997 to Spring 2001

Tiffany is a redhead. Really, she is. She doesn't dye her hair or anything. It just grows that way as a result of a traumatic accident from her childhood involving mini-marshmallows, red crayons, stained glass and bumper cars. (The details of this horrifying experience can be left to the reader's imagination. Besides, it's awfully embarrassing for Tiffany, too. Really, I don't think that she would enjoy a permanent blush of embarrassment. She'd be red from the neck up!!) Tiffany is also a SPOON PERSON and the Pez dispenser of Sheer Insanity.

Her talents include playing the guitar, creating ice cream sculptures of the members of the Smashing Pumpkins, writing full-length novels about dirt to add to the Star Wars trilogy, and singing. She often belts out her soprano voice while she drives herself around her hometown of Keene, NH. Tiffany is the oldest of a family full of "mentally unique" individuals, which helps to explain her own psychotic behavior. She's a junior at RPI, majoring in chemical engineering now, minoring in psychology and biochemistry, at least for the moment. She is also a member of Alpha Phi. She has a tendency to change her mind multiple times and to be inherently indecisive. She is an avid gymnast and loves to collect toothpicks and heating vents from around the world. Her goal in life is to write "Las cucarachas entran pero no pueden salir" across Times Square using computer mouses, her telepathic powers, and Jelly Belly jelly beans. And ONLY Jelly Belly jelly beans. ;)