Trent Gillaspie

Idiot from: Spring 2005 to Spring 2008

As much fun as it would be to concoct some creative back story for Trent Gillaspie, the best way to describe him is to simply be honest and straightforward.

Trent is the most attractive, talented, humorous, and humble member of the Sheer Idiocy troupe. Ladies need not get their hopes up because he is taken. Gentlemen need not get their hopes up because he is also taken.

Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson recently took the opportunity to give a colloquy in honor of Trent Gillaspie, of which she stated confidently, "Trent is a student at RPI." Dr. Jackson is not the only esteemed individual to speak highly of Mr. Gillaspie though. Two time Golden Globe nominated, renowned actor Pierce Brosnan put it into words best, saying, "Trent who?"

It's easy to see from a short few facts that Trent Gillaspie is a force to be reckoned with. He performs on Thursdays weekly at the local Nay Sayers Pub, and can be heard weekly through close monitoring of his phone calls made to friends from his cellular phone. Trent will only continue to succeed on the field and in our hearts.